Is Cannabis Safe Medicine?

As our populace opens its collective mind to the many benefits of cannabis, new studies are being performed. There are many different topical and internal delivery systems for this medicine.  In order to maximize the compounds that are helpful to the human system it is essential to medicate with healthy and consciously-grown marijuana.

The techniques utilized to produce the flowers can be basic or complex, but essentially the same elements and minerals need to be present. The ratio of these components and their strength determine if a balanced feeding plan is used or not.  When shortcuts are taken, it can be dangerous.

Should You Go Organic?

Organically-grown fruits and vegetables can be simpler to produce than hydroponics and are ultimately more flavorful and complete in all ways, except product-yield. Many growers take the easy and greedy path, when making decisions of what growing method to use, which plant foods to use and at what strength.


The cultivation of cannabis is considerably more difficult that most are aware, especially in an indoor environments. Many Growers are forced to introduce controls that are unhealthy in the race to finish out the high-value plants before pests or diseases take control and ruin the crop. Although the treatments may eradicate or control pests and diseases, a residue is sometimes left behind.

Chemicals on the plant can be harmful in the short term and over time.  Health complications can arise because of the use of tainted marijuana flowers and concentrates. The offending pesticides and fungicides render otherwise healthy medicine toxic and harmful.

The half-lives of these harmful chemicals generally lie somewhere between 28 and 60 days. It is essential that the person making the decisions on the pest control program used in the growing has these numbers in mind. It is possible to use even these harmful chemicals, as long as they are used correctly. 

A person with a compromised immune system or chemotherapy patients on drugs to cure or slow cancer, are not in any shape to take in these very dangerous chemicals at any level.

Responsibility falls to the hands of the producers, which is a largely an unregulated side of the informal “Industry.” Testing of finished products would fix this. The state of Florida will most likely enact some form of testing, if not make it mandatory. The surprise to come is that the tests will rule approximately 90% of all grown marijuana as unhealthy. The patient will benefit. True medical-grade cannabis may increase in price relative to more commercial forms of the flowers, due to scarcity.

Organic products and production, while not providing the same high yield,  is the superior way to guarantee safety and efficacy of the Medicine.

Good Things Come To Those Who Slow Down

On another related topic. In the rush to see a return usually financially related, harvesting the plants too early is more than common.  The plant then does not develop the terpenes that carry the odor or taste, as well as the potency. One does not receive the opportunity to actually benefit from the THC and CBD’s/CBN’s (that which provides the medicinal features for many varied conditions) in their full spectrum. The look of the cannabis flowers suffer as well, when harvested prematurely.

The vast majority of Medical Marijuana growers “pull their plants” at least 7 days too early, or more. This is one of the most important decisions that Growers need to focus on in order to realize all the benefits of the plant.

Another important decision the Grower  must make is what sort of a “flush” the plants will get at the end of their life before harvest. Over the growing process, mineral salts build up. These mineral salts must be cleared out of the growing medium in order to insure the most flavorful and smooth taste profile, as well as bouquet and potency.

Heavy Metals

Nutrient companies have more or less heavy metals contained in their products. These are harmful to the human body. These toxins must be flushed out of the substrate used to grow the plants in.  When a marijuana cigarette keeps on going out and burns a grey ash, the heavy metals have not been flushed out.  The metals found are usually ammonium nitrates, nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus as well as other trace elements and metals.

Soil-grown plants, with synthetic fertilizers require a longer flush than any other method. Organic soil requires a bit less time and, hydroponic techniques require only a few days of a flush.  The Aeroponic  style of straight water growing, needs a 1 or 2 day flush.

Be Aware of the Safety of Your Medicine

Due to the “wild-west” nature of a fledgling medical state’s program, it will be important for Florida’s medical marijuana patients to be aware of what they are getting and who they are getting it from.  While rushing to make Medicine available, some dispensaries may obtain cannabis and cannabis products for distribution that are not of a high standard. 

It will become apparent that knowing the source and trusting the facility that sells the cannabis to you is important. Any retail outlet should be caring with your health in mind, as well as their bottom line, but not instead of it.

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