Nutrient Lines and Medical Cannabis #1: Every Grower is Different:

Nutrient Lines and Medical Cannabis #1: Every Grower is Different:

The Graphics on the labels scream out with Beautiful Colors. One is dragged in by images of Highly-Toned Female Bodies named “Wet Betty,” Allusions to Wealth such as “Cha Ching,” Psychedelic Animals, and Alluring Tropical Scenes indicating possible future Trips with the Proceeds of One’s Work.


Designers are paid quite nicely to grab the Shopper’s attention in the Garden store. Since the products are often if not almost exclusively used to grow Medical Marijuana, it is easy to see why the Male of the Species is targeted with such blazing graphics and concepts. Most Growers are Male – no reason that cannot change, however. Many People feel that the Feminine Connection with the Exclusively Female plants that we grow as Sinsemilla is indispensable, and spiritually create a better Flower.

Not All Nutrient Brands Are Created Equal

Of course, what really matters is what is contained within that Mostly Water Product inside the expensively-designed bottle. Not all Nutrient brands are equal by any means, in terms of quality or effectiveness relating to the Finished Product.

Although some Companies have recently “Come Out” and made it clear that their Product Line was designed with Cannabis in mind, most choose to not verbalize or print this clearly, for fear of legal action.

A company from British Columbia, Canada called Advanced Nutrients have always been open about Cannabis being what their products were designed and tested for. This created a large Gulf between Equipment and Nutrient Wholesale Companies who were not comfortable selling the Advanced Nutrients Line.

Mainstream Companies such as MIRACLE-GRO have decided to market their products to the Cannabis Growing Community. This is a new development within the last year. The original Nutrients were not at all good for use with Consumable Marijuana, and were proven Carcinogenic. People still utilize the line for growing Cannabis, however. One can only hope that the products that are being sold to Cannabis Growers are a bit lower on the Dangerous Chemical Factor. Medical Marijuana Patients need healthy Medicine.

Going Organic

Organically-Grown Cannabis usually has Fortified Soil as a Medium of Growth. Another option is to utilize an Inert Peat Moss Mixture such as Pro-Mix with Organic Liquid Nutrients. This offers a High Level of Control over the strength of the solutions used.

Organic Growing brings out the best in Cannabis. Some contend that nothing can compete with Soil-Grown Organic. Your Author Might agree with that.

There are Liquid Nutrients designed for Hydroponics that are mostly if not completely Organic. The “Sludginess” of some of the Organic Nutrients and additives designed for Soil growing can clog up tubes and water-delivery lines in a Hydroponic or Aeroponic system.

Many people have found Synthetic Nutrients to work better in Hydroponic applications, in terms of production. The consensus amongst Experienced Producers is that a combination of both Organic and Synthetic is the best method. High-Quality Chemical Nutrients can provide a boost to Flower Yield, and are easily flushed out of the plant at the end of the growth cycle if used correctly. The Organic Feed or additives in the “Recipe” allow for a robust, deepened flavour and aroma.

For the Highest Quality Medicinal Marijuana Flowers, as in Food products, Organic is definitely the technique that connoisseurs prefer. Food’s nutritional value increases greatly compared to conventional methods. The same applies to Cannabis, in a different way.

Some utilize what is called “Supersoil” to grow in. Instead of Liquid Nutrients, this technique relies on an Amended Soil utilizing several different Natural Compounds. Soil Amendments such as Bat Guano, Blood Meal, Greensand, Lime, Beneficial Bacteria/Fungi, Fish, Feather and Alfalfa Meal, amongst many others, can be mixed into the soil at the time of potting.

These compounds release the very same nutrients as bottled Liquid Nutrients, each time One waters the plant. Plain pH-Balanced water is used for at least the first month if not the whole cycle. It is possible to transplant into a specialized “Supersoil” for the second half of the plant’s life. At this stage – if the plant is Marijuana – less Nitrogen is required, more Phosphorus, and more Potassium, among other trace elements. One can then continue with the “Plain-Water” regimen. A very easy way to grow the best quality. all the work is done at the onset.

Do your research into what Nutrient Line is best for any particular Growing Media is important. Whether One uses Fortified Soil, inert Peat Moss, or Hydroponic Rocks, a good “Grow Store” will have Experienced Personnel who can answer Your questions in Your quest to discover the best Nutrient Company for Your Beloved High-Value Plants.

In the second installment of Nutrient Lines and Cannabis We will discuss and compare the Organic and Synthetic Nutrient Lines commonly available at Hydroponic Equipment Stores in the USA.